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Tại eKidEnglish, chúng tôi đã xây dựng chương trình học nhiều cấp độ, giúp học sinh dần cải thiện năng lực từ những cụm từ đơn giản đến những câu phức tạp liên quan đến nhiều chủ đề và tình huống đa dạng.

Các chương trình học

Book 1 Look At My Face Book 7 Who Are You?
Book 2 Hide-And-Seek Book 8 I Like Fruit
Book 3 My Family Book 9 Dance Like Me!
Book 4 What Is It? Book 10 Where Is Jenny?
Book 5 Dirty Magician Book 11 The Music Land
Book 6 I Like Cloud Bread Book 12 Good Night!
Book 1 I Am ToTo Book 7 Shapes, shapes, Shapes!
Book 2 How Does It Feel? Book 8 The Magic Car!
Book 3 Don't Do That! Book 9 Go To Sleep!
Book 4 Paul, the Big Dog Book 10 Merry Christmas!
Book 5 A Picnic Book 11 One Winter Day
Book 6 Tiny And Beauty Book 12 Yes, I Can
Book 1 Guess What? Book 7 Let's Go Shopping
Book 2 How's the Weather? Book 8 Finding Jenny
Book 3 The Rainbow Book 9 At the Zoo
Book 4 This Is My House Book 10 Christmas Presents
Book 5 Garden Fairy Book 11 I like To Be Myself
Book 6 Summer Vacation Camp Book 12 May I Help You?
Book 1 Good Morning, Elise Book 7 Let's Play Soccer!
Book 2 People Around the World Book 8 The Big Concert!
Book 3 What Do You Want To Be? Book 9 Thanksgiving Day
Book 4 I Live In the Sea Book 10 What 's the Matter?
Book 5 My Town Book 11 The Spaceman, Cosmo
Book 6 International Boat Racing Day Book 12 I Lost My Mom
Book 1 My Baby Brother
Book 2 My Dog, Timmy
Book 3 My Treasure, New Bike
Book 4 Ready for School
Book 5 I Like Winter
Book 6 Keep Your body Healthy!
Book 1 Tommy's New Alien Friend Book 7 School Life Is Fun!
Book 2 Tosc's Family Book 8 Our Favorites
Book 3 The Nature of Tommy's World Book 9 A Trip to the farm
Book 4 Ghosts in Tommy's House Book 10 On the Way Home
Book 5 Tommy's Neighborhood Book 11 Tommy's Garage Sale
Book 6 Body, Body, Body! Book 12 Goodbye, My Friends!
Book 1 Kevin's Special Habit Book 7 Selena, the Witch
Book 2 What's Going on at School? Book 8 A Party for Kiki
Book 3 Evil Seth and the Deadly Black Widow Book 9 What's in the Space
Book 4 Are There Ghosts? Book 10 Mordo's Island
Book 5 Summer Festival Book 11 Kevin's Magical Quest
Book 6 Jody, the Frog Book 12 GoodBye, My Magical World!
Book 1 Kiley's Family Book 7 The Surprise Visit
Book 2 Kiley's Shopping Book 8 The Future Is in My Hands!
Book 3 The Nature Book 9 Making an Animal Clock with Myles
Book 4 Kiley's Neighbors Book 10 My good Friend
Book 5 The Avatar Book 11 Kiley, a Storyteller
Book 6 Eat or Be eaten Book 12 It's All Science!
Book 1 All About Me Book 7 Exploring Traditions
Book 2 Animals and Plant Life Book 8 Feeling Healthy
Book 3 Food and Culture Book 9 Amazing Inventions
Book 4 Different Lifestyles Book 10 School Life
Book 5 Traveling Around Book 11 Showtime!
Book 6 Making Good Habits Book 12 Winter Wonderland
Book 1 Special Things About Me Book 7 Origins
Book 2 Understanding Differences Book 8 Jobs for Everyone
Book 3 The Wonders of Living Things Book 9 Hidden Meaning in Art
Book 4 Fun Hobbies Book 10 Blast into Space
Book 5 Healthy Living Book 11 Myths and Fairy Tales
Book 6 Environmentally Aware Book 12 Amazing Buildings